The tussle Youtube Vs Tiktok is getting fierce with each passing day.

Saying that Tiktok’s ratings are falling would be an understatement. Its ratings are actually crashing. We Indians really know how to do the damage if we get serious about something, although it seldom happens.  The rating for Tiktok a few days ago was 4.5 on Play store. Now, after getting hammered by Indian fans and Youtube community, the current ratings have come down to 1.2.

A rating of less than 3.5 decreases the visibility and credibility of an app on the play store. This leads to effecting downloads in a negative way. And when a platform loses its attraction in the market, brands shy away from those platforms which result in loss of revenue. But, many experts believe that this may not happen with Tiktok because this is just a phase and it will pass with time.

Youtube Vs Tiktok

To begin with, it all started when popular Tiktok users accused YouTubers of stealing their content ideas and causing Tiktokers to lose valuable brand endorsements.  In response to this, one of the famous Youtuber CarryMinati (real name Ajay Nagar) roasted Tiktokers for the content created by them.

Also, a video created by a popular Tiktoker Faizal Siddiqui created a lot of controversies. The video was accused of glorifying acid attacks on women. After this, supporters of CarryMinati as well as other people are leaving 1-star reviews for Tiktok on Play store and Apple app store. Some of the comments lashed out at Tiktok said that it is a Chinese app and China is responsible for COVID-19. Other comments accused Tiktok of being highly irresponsible for allowing insensitive, outrageous, offensive, and inappropriate videos on its platform in the Indian market. Although, it has very strict publishing policies in China.

A Youtube video of CarryMinati which roasted Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui became viral and got over 70 million views. However, YouTube removed the video from the platform without specifying the reason. This also added more to the tussle as it was believed that video was deleted because of numerous reports on it. The people who reported the video are doubted to be from the Tiktok community.

This resulted in widespread reactions from Youtubers, meme creators, and supporters of CarryMinati.  The fans of CarryMinati even started trends like # Youtube Vs tiktok #RoastNahiFryKarunga, #BanTiktokIndia, #Tiktokdown, #Tiktokexposed and #BanTiktok on twitter.

Many memes went viral on twitter requesting people to uninstall the app and report and give a 1-star rating to the app on Play store. Other trends going on were to ban Chinese products and prefer Indian. Youtube Vs Tiktok is also trending goes without saying.

The future of this Youtube Vs Tiktok tussle is still a mystery. But things are getting tuff for Tiktok as all these things have coincided with the ongoing pandemic for which China is being blamed openly worldwide.

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