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Often when we are using we find that our phones get heated up and we wonder why is it happening. Often we also start thinking that it might not get burst and then may thoughts start hitting our mind why is it happening? What should we do? Is the problem with the device that we are using or is there any other issue. Sometimes phones also stop working until it gets back to its optimum temperature. In this article, we will look at some common reason phones get hot, and tell you what can be done in case of heating of your phone.

Why phones heat up?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. As in the earlier times, phones were simple and serves only the purpose of making calls and small messages. There we, not many heavy applications available to use by then. But with the progressing time, there have been many changes in this handheld device which you can also call a mobile phone. With the improving technology challenges and issues come along with it which takes time to understand and to be resolved. One such issue heating up of your phone.

Phone can be heated up due to many reasons it might be due to multiple apps running simultaneously on your phone, a bad battery or hardware, a malware infection, or also faulty make of the could also be a reason for it.

However, all the devices get heated up a little with the time and more usage of the phone. But the problem is when your phone gets heated up too much that it becomes difficult to hold in hand due to heating or functions abruptly or stops functioning with the regular heating then there is something you should look up to see what is the issue with your phone so you can get to the real culprit causing the trouble to your phone.

Finding the Culprit

There are some initial signs to check from where that heat is generating on your phone. The heating can be due to faulty hardware of the device, using multiple apps at a time, faulty battery pr some software glitch while the making of the phone.

Mainly three main areas should be first looked up for generating the heat: Screen, Battery, Or CPU

When the phone gets heat majorly we first look up at the battery. Even more so if the heat is coming from the back of the phone. The modern batteries present in your phone are comprised of lithium-ion which makes them powerful and process the things at a higher speed due to which they get heat up certain times. The heat generated in the battery can cause the battery to vent its chemical which could also get ignite when extremely heated or get a spark. An incident of the infamous Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2016 was due to faulty batteries. (After which Samsung recall 2.5 million units)

If you find that the heat is coming from the front of the screen than the CPU or GPU of the phone might be at fault. Certain times when there is extensive use of applications over the phone the CPU and GPU perform at high speed to deliver the result as desired and to carry out the process being used by the user. So when the processor is in demand it generates the heat as a by-product of its use which you feel coming out from your phone screen.

Similarly, if you find the heat coming from the bottom of your phone then there are high chances that there might be some trouble with the charging unit of the phone.

Is the hot really hot?

phone heating

Usually, all phones get hot from time to time. But how can you know that the heating up of your phone is in a problem or just periodic heating of overuse of your Mobile?  All phones have an optimal temperature ranging between 37-43 degrees Celsius, or 98.6-109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Since we do not sit with a temperature measuring device in the hand so you have to use your feeling of touch to get an idea for the heating of your phone. Also, there are many applications available in the such as Cooling Master designed to detect overheating in phones and stop it by halting the apps that are throttling it. Another cool app is CPU-Z, which is specially designed to detect CPU heating and many other similar apps available which can simply help you to understand the temperature causing troubles in your phone.

What could be the reason your phone is getting hot?

Here we will try to understand some basic facts that lead to the heating up of your phone.

The plethora of Gaming and Streaming videos

  • Trying hands on high-quality games for long to win over the opponent
  • Recording videos for the longer period
  • Streaming videos with maximum brightness on the phone
  • Using the Screen Mirroring / Smart View feature (connecting mobile to a TV) 

Many times you find some incredible that you can’t resist yourself for getting into it and spend a large time trying your hands on the game and winning the battle in the game. Also with the availability of more videos over the internet to watch you many times binge-watch them. But this excessive and heavy use of phones puts a load on CPU and GPU to perform all the assigned tasks and run the game or streaming of the video smoothly which in turn leads to the heating of the phone.

Multitasking or running many apps in the background

  • Using multiple apps in separate windows simultaneously
  • Updating or installing apps or games while recording videos
  • Using different apps with a video call
  • Using navigation while using different apps in the background

The more apps you have running simultaneously in the background on your phone harder the system has to work to maintain it. When the apps are opened and closed properly they keep on running the background putting the more on the CPU of the phone which makes in heating up of the phone.

You have not exactly ideal settings

Turning the splendor far up, gathering each one of those gadgets and 3D backdrops, and utilizing the rest setting for a long meeting of sound or video is on the whole somewhat burdening on a telephone’s presentation. On the off chance that your telephone is warming up, it may be a smart thought to dial down the beautiful sight and check whether that makes a difference.

There may be some other issues as well like:

  • If yourphone is exposed to sunlight when the temperature is high around you 
  • Extensive usage of the mobile hotspot and tethering feature  
  • Using the device in areas with weak signals or no reception or in a roaming network
  • Mining of cryptocurrencies also being seen a potential reason for heating of phone as it requires power to do the process

How to cool Off your Phone?

When you find your phone getting too much hot you can simply do these things:

Turn Off The Unused App

Too often, people leave GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi options turned on, even when they don’t need them. Turning off the apps that you do not need can prevent heating and will also save battery life.

Turning off that one App

If you noticed your phone heating up after you turned on a certain app, shut it down by first minimizing it, then going to Settings > Apps > Running Apps > [The app you want to shut down] > Touch Stop or Force Stop. 

Decrease the brightness

You can decrease the brightness of the because higher brightness needs more battery which can make your phone heat up. You can reduce the brightness of your phone by sliding the notification panel and then decreasing the brightness to the optimum level or also you can do by going to settings > Display >Brightness.

Delete Applications no longer in Use

Certain times we download many applications into our phone but then later on we find them of no use. But then also we often forget to remove those unused applications from the phone. You should remove this as the unused application still be running in the background and using up your phone CPU making it heat up. By removing these unused applications will also help to free up space on your phone.

Stay up with the latest

Staying updated is another name for enhancing. The more upgraded an application is, the fewer assets it utilizes, which means to a lesser degree a probability that it will warm up your phone.

Do not use the phone while charging

It is suggested not to use your phone while you put your phone on charge. It is also harmful to use a phone on charging for the user as well

Change the charging Cable

Now and again a defective charging cable can make the charging unit breakdown. On the off chance that the warmth is for the most part focused around the link port, at that point you should think about changing to another cable.

So, here are some important reasons and solutions for the fact of heating up of your phone. Even if the suggested solution problem remains persistent visit the technician to get your device check and to get the resolution of your problem. Take the necessary step to protect yourself and your hardware.

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