Is your phone hang ?

Today with the growth of digitalization the mobile phone users are increasing rapidly in the world. There are billions of users and no. is increasing every day. For the present world people, Phone has become a part of life. As they provide an easy way for communication with the world. But as you know with the new developments new problems come. One such problem which many mobile users face is hanging problem on their phone. Here we are going to discuss some common issue which causes the phone hang and solution to them.

Phone hang

Some Common Issue to look for Phone hang:

Check the RAM

Most cell phone hangs and slacks, if there isn’t sufficient space on RAM. So abstain from, downloading substantial applications without checking the RAM. On the off chance that your phone is running on low RAM, attempt to close all the applications. On the off chance that your versatile inner memory (RAM) is full, at that point it might freeze.

Internal Memory

It is a big reason for the most mobile hanging problem. We store up many things on our phones which fill up the phone memory. Generally, people install applications or keep the data in the internal memory of their phone instead of saving it on the external memory. And the filled internal memory also makes your phone hang.

Running Many Applications

The more apps you have running simultaneously in the background on your phone harder the system has to work to maintain it. When the apps are opened and not closed properly they keep on running the background putting the more pressure on the CPU of the phone which certain times lead to the phone hang.

Outdated Applications

It is also one big reason for the problem. If you are using outdated applications and operating systems on the phone and if you install some new application system tries to match that to provide the optimum performance but due to some outdated applications there is a mismatch of the things which makes it difficult to work and also to phone hang.

Virus Caught You

Sometimes when we download files or some applications from some unreliable sources from the internet world there are some viruses on the lookout to attack your phone system and if such viruses infect your phone it will lead to slow down of your phone process.

Cache Imaging

Surfing the internet daily creates large storage of files in the cache memory of the phone. The cache is temporary which helps in the fast loading of some files by creating storage of some information in the memory so the next time you open that application or visit that page online it helps in fast loading of it. But regular heavy surfing of the internet causes many files on the memory which slow down your phone and later result in phone hang


Phone hang

Wondering what can be done to solve?

Here is some simple but effective way by which you can solve your problem of the hanging of the phone:

Stay up with the latest

Staying updated is another name for enhancing. The more upgraded an application is, the fewer assets it utilizes, which means to a lesser degree a probability that it will hang your phone.

Delete Applications or files no longer in Use

Many times we download applications into our phone and forget to use them ever or hardly use them. Which though not in use but taking up space on your phone and occupying the memory. By removing these unused applications will also help to free up space on your phone and more free memory helps the problem to stay away.

Turn Off The Unused App

Too often we open up the multiple apps and forget them to close them properly. Due to which they keep on running in the background and taking up the RAM. Due to occupied RAM, the phone finds it difficult to perform and work and start hanging. Turning off the apps that you do not need not only prevent the hanging of the phone but also saves battery life.

Clear the cache

Clearing the cache is necessary over the time file stored on the cache while surfing takes up space and needs to be cleared. Freeing it up increases your phone speed and also prevents the phone from hanging.

Go to setting>>Storage>>Click on the cache and click on the ok to clear caches.

Use cloud storage or external memory

If you find that your phone internal memory is full than it time that you free up the memory. You can delete the files or applications alternatively you can use external storage or cloud storage. But then also you are not able to free up much memory then you should shift data from your phone to your computer to free up space on the phone.

Avoid third party downloads and use Antivirus

Viruses can seriously impact your phone and its performance and can make your phone hang. To prevent the attack of viruses avoid downloading the files and applications from unreliable sources or any kind of malicious file. Also, you can use some antivirus software that can stop the malicious attempt.

If the problem persists visit the phone technician to further look into the issue. Take the necessary step to protect yourself and your hardware. Want some digital solution visit digitalworld

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