There has been always competition among the companies for making the highest sale of their products in the market. To meet the customer expectations and to provide something new to the taste of user Smartphone companies always try to develop new features in their products. Though in the first quarter of 2020 there has been a record decline in the sales of smartphones due to the COVID-19 which is hitting the companies globally. But then also some companies manage to sell their products in this first quarter. Read to which companies are top on the sales board in the race of smartphones.



The South Korean tech giant Samsung is leading the race for sales in the first quarter. With the global market share of 30.85%. Samsung has been always the choice of the user due to the built and stylish look of its smartphones


The American multinational company takes second place on the board with the global share data of 26.66%


Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology that stands third in position with a global share of 10.63%. It not only sells smartphones but also provides telecommunication equipment and consumer electronics.


Xiaomi with its new launch and among the new player has established itself in a strong position and takes a global share of 7.8% and stands at fourth in position. Seeing its growth and popularity among the users due to the low price range of the phones. This Chinese company is growing its sales at pace.


This company based in china is also making its presence among the markets with its smartphones and acquire a market share of 4.26% globally


Mobicel company has born out of South Africa the devices are all developed in South Africa and manufactured in China. The Mobicel devices are cheap and stylish. With its products, it has taken up a global share of 2.88% in the smartphone market


Motorola Mobility LLC, marketed as simply Motorola, is an American consumer electronics and telecommunications subsidiary company owned by Chinese technology firm Lenovo. The company primarily manufactures smartphones and other mobile devices running the Android operating system. With its share of 2.41% in the global market, the presence of this company has declined over the past times.


LG a south Korean multinational tech giant produces many consumer electronics goods and also produces a smartphone. It has a global share of 2.32%


Realme is a Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Along with producing smartphones it also manufactures headphones, fitness bags, and bands. It has a global market share of 0.9%

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