Eufy recently announced the launch of a Bluetooth enabled smart Weighing Scale C1 in the country. It has almost 12 forms of well-being measurements. 
The device has been announced in India to keep the users motivated and keeping them fit.  

Eufy’s motto is to build easy-to-use appliances for its customers to help enrich their lives. It is a part of Anker Innovation, one of the topmost reliable consumer electronics brands in the USA. 
The device has been built to let users keep a track of their fitness, monitor their health, and obtain their ultimate fitness goals. 

Weighing Scale

Eufy Smart Weighing Scale C1 Price and Availability 

The Eufy Smart Weighing Scale C1 will be available for a price of Rs. 1,699 in India. It will be open for sale in January 2021 for the users through Flipkart and retail stores. 

There will also be a 15-month warranty with the device. It will be offered in 2 major color variants of black and white. 

Eufy Smart Weighing Scale C1 Details and Specifications 

The weighing scale C1 can include 12 types of health measurements like body fat, weight, BMR, body fat mass, water, BMI, lean body mass, Bone, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and muscle. 
As per the company, it can store up to 100 readings in the memory. The scale is built with a pair of super sensitive G- shaped sensors that can guarantee detailed measurements in comparison to other types of sensors. 
It is also coated with an ITO layer to provide accurate results when a user steps on the machine. 

Weighing Scale

It can be connected through Bluetooth to the Eufy Home app, which is available to the users on Google Play and App store. 
The moment you are connected to your mobile, the data will be synced to the Eufy Home app. The users of the scale would be able to track the activities of 16 different user accounts from a single account. Here different users will have their profiles. 

Also, the weighing scale has an anti-slip topcoat for extra stability to the users. Moreover, it will have rounded corners to ensure that the customers would not hurt their bare feet while weighing. 

The device will also support third-party apps like Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit.   
It is light in weight and hence, easy portability will be ensured by the device.  

Go and grab the deal as and when the device is officially available for sale in January 2021. Leave your comments in the section below to let us know what you think about the product. 

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