Signal and Telegram, both are messaging apps that have recently seen a huge increase in the number of sign-ups. The sudden increase is a result of a tweet by Elon Musk, the world’s richest man at present. The tweet said “Use Signal”, and this made people jump to the app to sign up. 
He advised his followers to use the privacy focussed app, because of WhatsApp’s new policy, where it says to share user data with Facebook from now. Apart from this, it also mentions that users won’t be able to use the service from February 8, if they do not accept the same. 


If you are already a user for either or both the applications, Signal and Telegram, you must have seen a rapid increase in the number of contacts signing up for them. There are even several WhatsApp groups discussing to switch the platform with the above apps. 

Signal has also been listed as the top free app for messaging on Apple’s App Store charts in countries including India, France, Germany, Austria, Finland, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. It happened early morning on the 9th of January, after the historic tweet. 
In India, WhatsApp has come down to the second position after the event. 

The quick and massive sign-ups in the apps led to a delay in verification codes by various network suppliers. Signal had to officially tweet about the same due to such overload. The legendary tweet made this sudden rush of traffic on the app, causing the overloading of servers. The rival app, ‘WhatsApp’ also took to Twitter, confirming that it too was getting high join-ins. 

This glitch in the codes was soon fixed and the users would now be able to make registration to the apps without any obstruction. 
Since, WhatsApp is entangled in a privacy-related controversy, after asking the users to agree to the new terms and policies, this has turned into an apt timing for Signal and Telegram. 

After all the hot debate, WhatsApp has also clarified now that the new policies are only meant for business accounts. 

Not only Elon Musk, but Edward Snowden (whistleblower) has also recommended using Signal and tweeted a reply as well. The reply stated that he uses the app every day and is still not dead. 

Signal is an open-source messaging app, majorly focused on privacy issues. It is widely used by security experts, journalists, and academics around the globe. 
Not just Signal, Telegram is also getting a lot of heat in terms of users. If you are already on the app, you must have been bombarded with notifications of contacts joining the app. 

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