The Sennheiser HD560S headphones are finally launched in India and are priced below 20K. The company claims that these headphones can deliver a natural sound experience with an open ear back design.  
These headphones can provide you ‘barely there’ sound experience on wearing them.  
If you are curious to understand all the details present in a tune, Sennheiser HD 560S is one of the best choices available in the market under 20000. 


Sennheiser HD560S Headphones Price and Availability 

It is a mid-level headphone launched by Sennheiser in the country and accordingly, has an accessible price point. The headphones are priced at Rs. 18,990 in India.  
They are quite decently priced for Indian users. For easy availability, these will be available on the official Sennheiser website as well as all other major e-commerce stores and retail outlets across the country. 

Sennheiser HD560S Headphones Specifications 

These headphones have a frequency response of about 6Hz to 38kHz and provide a well-balanced sound signature for people who prefer detailed sound quality.  
From providing an accurate bass, these headphones have an optimum EAR (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) angle alignment that recreates an ideal triangular listening position of loudspeakers. 

Moreover, they have a 110 dB/1V sensitivity, with a remarkable low THD, i.e. <0.05% at 90 dB, that can offer amazing range and clarity, even at high SPL. 
The transducers are precisely tuned for accuracy and also offer A/B comparisons of components, mixers, and media formats.  
The HD 560S also comes equipped with a 3-meter detachable cable, 6.3mm jack, a 3.5mm adapter, and a flexible 15cm lead. 

Sennhiser happy customer

They are exceptionally light in weight, weighing only around 240 grams. Additionally, they also have a voice coil specifically developed to offer a fantastic experience, no matter the nature of the playback system. Also, the impedance of 120Ohms helps the headphones remain compatible with almost all audio sources. 

Other than the technical details, the headphones are quite comfortable around the head and use ultralight chassis for a no-distraction listening session. Without touching the user’s eye, the ventilated cup remains cool and offers maximum comfort. 

Sennheiser has always been on an innovative path of providing users with path-breaking gadgets or devices and HD 560S has been crafted for the tough crowd out there.  
This is a device for every kind of user and can give tough competition to major players in the market like Sony or V-Moda. So, go ahead and get your headsets and try this amazing piece of gadget in the market.

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