This landmark has been achieved in just 2 weeks.

The Remove China Apps has crossed 5 Million downloads within just 2 weeks of its launch. It is becoming a common scenario in contemporary times for apps to shatter previous records in terms of downloads. Most of these are attributed to the ongoing anti-China sentiment which is quite strongly spread out in almost every country where COVID-19 is wreaking havoc. There is no dearth of apps like these.

Although the first app to make news was the Aarogya Setu App, which is the Government of India’s app to fight against the Corona Virus, but apps like Mitron, Remove China Apps are also gaining momentum. In response to every popular app that has originated in China, Indian companies are working day and night to offer an alternative to the masses.

Especially in India, the Anti-China sentiment is quite high. There are multiple reasons that are contributing to this. The biggest of all is obviously the Corona outbreak in the country. Another reason that has recently given fuel to this sentiment is the Indo-China border dispute. A few days earlier, controversy made by Chinese app Tiktok over allowing a video on its platform which justified acid attacks on women also sparked a lot of outrage in the country. People even went to the extent of giving negative reviews to the app on the play store eventually bringing its ratings down to 1.1. Although, Google later reversed all those reviews and deleted many negative reviews to restore the Chinese Apps ratings.

About Remove China Apps

The Remove China Apps was launched by Jaipur-based startup OneTouch AppLabs on May 17. Since then, it has seen more downloads with each passing day. Currently, the app has become top free app on Google Play Store. The Android app claims to identify China-made apps in user’s device and give you an option to remove them with a single click.

How does Remove China Apps work

As the name very clearly suggests, the purpose of Remove China Apps is to help you in removing Chinese apps from your phones. It is free to download on Google Play Store. The app does not need a login from you to function. After downloading, you can simply hit “Scan” on the app and it will give you a list of all the Chinese apps being used on your phone. The Remove China Apps only detects the apps installed by you from the Google Play Store or any other app store. If you happen to have any preinstalled Chinese apps on your phones, they will not be detected, especially on Chinese smartphones.  

Steps to use Remove China Apps

  1. Download the “Remove China Apps” from Google Play Store.
  2. Install the application into your Android device.
  3. After installing, open “Remove China Apps”.
  4. Hit “Scan Now”
  5. The app will then start scanning the installed apps on your phone.
  6. After scanning all the apps, it will provide you with a list of Chinese apps that it finds on your device.
  7. If you wish to remove any of the listed apps, hit the “Delete” icon next to the app’s name.
  8. “Remove China Apps” will then delete the app automatically from your phone.
Remove China Apps
Option to Delete the Chinese app is right next to the name.

Remove China Apps is also receiving great ratings.

The average rating of Remove China Apps on Google Play Store is 4.9, which is incredibly high for any app. Almost all of the reviews received by it are 5 stars. This is attributed to the sentimental side of things that the app is targeting. Although there have been a few lower ratings as well. Mostly because of the poor performance and crashing issues related to the app.


All in all, Onetouch AppLabs have launched their app at the perfect timing. It is their only app on the Play store. Right now they can really cash in on the Anti-China sentiment. And who knows, maybe this app will help thousands of Indian apps to gain momentum since many people are looking for alternatives to popular Chinese apps.

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