Information about launch tipped by Motorola executive in a podcast.

Motorola Razr was one of the most famous series of phones ever launched by Motorola. These phones had a unique appearance and foldable feature. Motorola literally sold millions of Motorola Razr phones from 2004 to 2007. After that it launched the Razr2 series but this was not as successful as the previous one. Motorola occurred huge losses because of its reliance on Razr series for way too long, while the competitors extensively built smartphone touch technologies during that period.

Motorola razr

In November 2019, with a nostalgic aura, Motorola launched Motorola Razr(2019) in hopes to revive the old glory of its Razr series. The new Motorola Razr had similar foldable design characteristics with the added functionalities of smartphones. But, contrary to Motorola’s expectations, the phone received mixed reviews.

But, the latest leak very strongly suggests that Motorola is not giving up on the idea of foldable smartphone technology. It seems that the company is working on the second generation of Motorola Razr. In the Reframed Tech podcast, Mr. Thibault Dousson, South Africa general manager of Lenovo – the parent company of Motorola – said something about the possible launch of a new generation foldable phone towards the end of 2020.

During the podcast, Mr. Dousson first mentioned the device at around 18-minute mark, “There’s a new generation coming out, there’s one in September I think.” Again at around 42-minute mark he said something about generation 2 Razr.

Motorola razr

Motorola Razr (2019) comes with two screens. The outer one features a 2.70-inch touchscreen display with an aspect ratio of 4:3. While the primary screen comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen with an aspect ratio of 21:9. Motorola Razr is powered by a 2.2Ghz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor. It sports 6GB of RAM. The battery is 2510mAh and supports proprietary fast charging. The primary camera is 16 megapixel and the secondary camera is 5 megapixels.

All the specifications mentioned above are not bad, but owing to the unbelievingly high price of Rs. 1,24,999, the phone got mixed reviews. It was launched globally in November 2019, the phone finally made it to the Indian market in March 2020 after a lot of delays.

While Motorola Razr (2019) could not make a great impression on the market due to multiple reasons, we hope that the company will try to improve all the shortcomings in the second generation and also take care of pricing in a more realistic way.

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