LG has recently announced that the LG Tone TWS Earbuds will finally be launched in India. They come in a UV sanitizing charging case. Both HBS-FN6 and HBS-FN7 have been released and available for users around the country. 

These earbuds were earlier launched for the global market, in late 2020 and ultimately released in India. One thing common between the models is the introduction of a UV sanitizing case, for extra protection. The difference lies with the more expensive variant, where it also includes active noise canceling feature. 


LG Tone Free TWS Earbuds Price and Availability 

Both the models have been priced a little higher for users in India. For the HBS-FN6, you will have to shell out Rs. 24,990 and for the HBS-FN7, the price is set at Rs. 29,990. 

They will be available from next week, through the LG online store, the retail stores, and all the major e-commerce portals. 

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LG Tone Free TWS Earbuds Details and Specifications

Both the earphones feature sound tuning. It has been created in collaboration with the British loudspeaker manufacturer, ‘Meridian Audio’. As stated above, the more expensive version, HBS-FN7 will support ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).  

Also, both the models have connectivity majorly through Bluetooth 5.0, paired with AAC and SBC codecs. They also support 6mm, dynamic drivers. 
They are rated IPX4 in terms of water resistance and have a battery life of up to six hours. There seems to be another difference in the battery lives of the two models. The HBS-FN7 might have a life of 5 hours due to its ANC feature. 
The case will also provide wireless and fast charging to the earbuds. 

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According to LG, the UV cases will automatically sanitize the earbuds by eliminating germs and bacteria residing on ear tips and the inner mesh. There is no guarantee, that such an advanced system would be able to protect against the virus strain of COVID-19. There are 3 microphones on each earpiece in the expensive variant, while there are only 2 microphones in the other model. 

Both these models are considered to be one of the most premium models in the category of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones. They are even higher than the Apple AirPods Pro. 
If you are interested in knowing the US prices for these models, the HBS-FN6 costs around $150 (approximately Rs. 11,000), and the HBS-FN7 costs around $180 (approximately Rs. 13,200). 

Get ready to grab the deal when the official sale will begin next week. Drop your comments about the earbuds in the comment section below. 

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