KFC Gaming Console

KFC has finally released the official design of its latest KFC Gaming Console.  
The design reveals a console with an in-built cooling system that will utilize the heat produced by the components of the console. This heat will in turn be consumed by the chicken chamber to keep the chicken hot during intense gaming sessions. 

The company has no details about the launch date and the official price of the device as of now.  
The KFC Gaming Console has been reportedly designed by a Taiwanese computer hardware manufacture, Cooler Master, which focuses mainly on cooling systems for laptops. In addition to this, this company is also involved in manufacturing gaming keyboards, monitors, chairs, and more.  

The fast-food company had already confirmed its partnership with the Cooler master back in June for developing the console. 
It also said that it has gone through several stages of development including custom-built casing, crafting the unique cooling system, and finally integrating the signature chicken chamber. 

KFC also teased via its Twitter account saying that, “The console wars are over” while introducing the complete design of the device. 

KFC spokesperson, Mark Cheevers talked to the BBC about how the machine is capable of running games at top-level specifications. Moreover, it can keep your meal warm during an intense session of gaming. 
Cheevers also pointed out that, “If Sony or Microsoft will want any tips on how to engineer a chicken chamber, they would be welcome to get in touch”. 

The fast-food chain began its marketing in June via its Twitter account, which gained around 11 million views. 
Many people thought that it was just a spoof initially. 

KFC Gaming Console Specifications 

There aren’t many details released by the company so far. But we have some, to begin with. 
The console has an Intel Nuc 9 CPU, with Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD. Also, according to the ray tracing in the marketing by the Cooler master, the device has an Nvidia GPU. 
It is capable of 4K as well as can support 240 FPS, and it also has a first of its kind hot-swappable GPU slot for trouble-free upgrades. It will be a VR ready high-end gaming PC console, that comes with a built-in chicken warmer chamber. 

We do not have any further information about the device, but we hope to see the next stage of promotion by KFC on the KFC Gaming Console. 
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