Telecommunication giant Reliance Jio has made non-Jio voice calling free again by stopping to charge its userbase for calls made to rival networks from January 1st, 2021. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the elimination of IUC (Interconnect User Charge) charges by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). 

The authority has decided to abolish the whole system of IUC charges from all domestic voice calls. And hence Jio went ahead with making non-Jio voice calling free. 
Jio started charges 6 paise per minute for calling any other non-Jio network in the past year. After the recent announcement, it is set to go back to its original settings, where users could call any network without paying any extra charges.

Users would again be able to do non-Jio voice calling free, across the country, just like the existing network’s work. This will also result in a bigger competition among all the rival network companies because Jio will likely continue to bring in competitive recharge plans. 

Jio Makes Non-Jio voice calling free again

Back in September 2019, Jio was left with no other option but to charge its users for off-net calls. It happened due to the extended timeline by TRAI for the implementation of the Bill and Keep regime. 
The company also noticed that it started charging customers a rate equivalent to the IUC charges. 
At this point, the company also assured its customers that such a charge would only be in practice till TRAI stops the IUC charges altogether. 

In a statement, Jio mentioned that “It is committed to lay the foundation of a digital society where everyone has access to everything with the help of best quality services, at lowest of prices possible. Through its technological innovations, Jio will continue to provide radical products and services, with a customer-first approach in mind.” 

Keeping the IUC charges in mind, Jio gave 300-12000 FUP minutes to its users, depending on the type of prepaid plans that existed. 
The new move by TRAI will help the company gain more users in comparison to its competitors Airtel and Vodafone Idea. 

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