Jigsaw technology was formulated under Google’s parent company Alphabet. But later Alphabet decided to move it under Google. This technology is developed to forecast emerging threats over the internet and provide a safer online world. It is built in partnership with the Google research and Academic Institution.

With the increasing traffic over the internet, the digital security of the people has always been a major challenge. The many issues like disinformation, harassment over the online world, publishing censored content are always being faced by the people over the internet. Jigsaw technology helps in dealing with such issues and make the internet safer.

Jigsaw performs the experiments to find the issue in digital security. Based on its experiments, it builds the products and programs to provide a secure digital environment.


What Jigsaw Technology Incubator do?

Jigsaw technology with its continuous research and development provides an algorithm that identifies issues such as disinformation, harassing content over the internet or censored content publishing. According to a blog post by Jared Cohen, CEO, and founder of Jigsaw. “Together with Google Research and academic partners, we developed an experimental platform called Assembler to test how technology can help fact-checkers and journalists identify and analyze manipulated media,” he wrote. 

With Google research and development it has developed various tools to measure and identify the content and informational issue over the internet to provide the right information. It has developed various algorithms to measure things.

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Jigsaw Technology

Jigsaw Technology Focuses On:

Disinformation: To check the problem of disinformation it makes an assembler that experiments to check the facts and claims in the content and help the journalist identify manipulated media. It is built in partnership with the Google research and Academic Institution

Harassment: It is based around using the API and machine learning from the information to find the online harassing content or abusive content and restricting them so that everyone could participate in a safe online conversation

Censorship: To stop the manipulation of the media and information it building the system to set up a VPN so that you can access the information securely. It helps in encrypting Internet standards

Violent Extremism: Jigsaw uses the redirection method to stop activities such as online recruiting of violent extremists. It restricts and checks the videos, ads targeting the people who are searching for such activities.

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