The game streaming service started by Google in November 2019 has been the talk of the town since its launch. It offers on-the-go streaming for the library of games it offers via phones, tablets, PCs, and even Chromecast. The game service offered by Google came to know as Google Stadia Pro

On the occasion of its one-year anniversary, Google Stadia will be launching six new games, marking the end of 2020.  
Among these six, four will be brand new games added to the platform on 1st December and the remaining 2 have already shown their presence on the platform, but have a paid version. 
All 6 games will be available with the Google Stadia Pro subscription from the 1st of December, 2020. 

Google stadia pro

Four new Games to be added in Google Stadia Pro- 

  • Into the Breach- 
    A turn-based strategy game developed by indie studio Subset Games, which includes amazing tactics that are complex and strategies involving a great deal of choices and variety.  
  • Monster Jam Steel Titans- 
    Developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ Nordic, the game involves monster truck racing with a lot of stunt courses whereby you will have to focus carefully on balancing brakes, throttles, steering, wheelies, and more.  
  • Everspace- 
    This game has been in the course of some amazing reviews.  
    It has an engaging story and enticing visuals that take you through a Star Wars world of VFX.  
    The combat sequence keeps you tied to the seat because action can pour in from anywhere. 
  • Secret Neighbour- 
    Do not ponder over the name, because you might end up guessing the wrong genre.  
    Secret Neighbour is actually a multiplayer survival horror game where a team of six players has to go through a series of levels to unlock the final mystery. 

The remaining games, that are already present on Google Stadia Pro, but are a new launch on the platform include- 

  • Hitman 2- 
    Both Hitman and Hitman 2 are identical in their operations, the major difference lies in its locales, with 6 new environments to explore.  
    With more action, more missions, disguises, this assassination game will definitely bring out the real gamer in you. 
  • Kine- 
    The game exclusively involves rolling blocks that are spread around small, densely furnished grids towards an exit square.  
    These blocks jiggle with soundtracks when left to own devices and the moving parts become tools or obstructions and this puzzle needs to be solved to reach the main stage at the top of the world map. 
google stadia pro games

All the Google Stadia Pro members have the advantages of 4K HDR video streaming and 5.1 sound surround and the best part is the number of free games every month as a part of the subscription to the same. 

The platform is up with a total of 31 titles to engage you in a world of video games. You now need to drop in on the store on Android, iOS, or web to get access to the latest Google Stadia pro games.  

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