The Google Pixel 4a is expected to be launched at the Android 11 Beta Launch Show scheduled for June 3. But, Google has not given any confirmation about it yet. No matter when the launch takes place, the rumors about pricing and specs of the phone are all over the place.

According to the latest information derived from the Alphabet Scoop podcast by 9to5Google, Google Pixel 4a (128 GB model) is expected to be priced at $349 (approx Rs. 26,500). Also, a Twitter post from one of the hosts of the podcast says the same thing. Initially, though, Pixel 4a was rumored to be priced starting at $399 (approx Rs. 30,000).

One more important leak that is quite popular in the market is that the 64 GB variant of Google Pixel 4a will be just $299 (Approx. Rs. 22,500). But this might not be true because, during the podcast, it was pointed out that the phone might have only one storage option of 128GB. Although, there might be 2 color options.

If any of these rumors are true, then Google Pixel 4a would be cheaper than the cheapest iPhone and will definitely undercut the latest iPhone SE(2020) in terms of price.

google Pixel 4a
Image source: Google

If in case you are wondering about the specs of Pixel 4a, it is rumored to have Snapdragon 730 chipset with 6GB of RAM. The storage options can be either 64GB or 128GB or both. The device will have a 5.8-inch FHD+OLED display, a 12.2 MP rear, and 8 MP front-facing camera.

Well, these are all just calculated guesses till now. Let’s see what happens on 3rd of june.




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