American wearable brand Fitbit has launched a low cost and easy to use emergency ventilator by the name of Fitbit Flow. Fitbit ventilator is developed by Fitbit to help and support the healthcare system in dealing with acute shortage of ventilators that are being faced due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Fitbit ventilator has received Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use during the Corona health emergency.

Fitbit realized the dire need of ventilators all across the world and promptly used their in-house expertise in advanced sensor development and hardware design to quickly create a low cost and easy to use emergency ventilator.

Fitbit ventilator is not made with an aim to replace the conventional ventilators. It is designed to be a sort of backup for use whenever a commercial ventilator is not available and the patient can’t do without one. Also, Fitbit ventilator is designed to be easy to use. This will help to reduce the pressure on specialized staff since conventional ventilators are quite complicated to use. Even the normal civilians who are volunteering and do not have any prior medical experience can operate the device.

Fitbit has also consulted Oregon Health and Science University’s emergency medical staff who are responsible for taking care of COVID-19 patients. This helped them understand the design requirements.

Fitbit ventilator
Image: Fitbit

Fitbit ventilator is built on standard resuscitator bags. It has sophisticated instruments, sensors, and alarms. All of these work in unison to support a patient’s monitoring of oxygen supply and automated compressions with controlled delivery of volume or pressure.  

Fitbit Flow is compact in size and its body is made of aluminum. It can be used on any flat surface or on a stand with wheels for ease in mobility. This stand can also be used to attach various sizes of oxygen tanks.

The company claims that they are already working on more updates for Fitbit ventilator to make it more useful by adding more features. Meanwhile, they are also in talks with various agencies to understand the need for emergency ventilators. The company hopes to help the U.S and Global aid organizations with this device.


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